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Buy Dish Washer

For your Dish-comfort,  Dishwasher has got your back

Handwashing the pile of utensils lying in the sink is a nightmare for anyone. Washing dishes requires time & effort and causes inconvenience. With a dishwasher, you don’t have to worry about the most painful household chore. You can now enjoy the extra time reviving your hobbies. Moreover, there is no pre-rinsing of utensils required before you load them. Smart sensors detect & loosen leftover oil and masala stains before the wash cycle starts.

Dishwasher cleans your greasy and oily utensils and makes life hassle-free.

Buy Gas Hobs

Hobs that add style to your along with giving you the perfect results.

Cook like a pro and deliver perfect results with Gas Hobs. Because you already have your hands full when you’re cooking, with plenty of convenient functions in an induction hob to give you the ease of convenience and style to your kitchen. Not only this you can also experience a fusion cooking surface with Domino Hobs that’s well accessible and easy to clean and can be combined with other hobs to provide you a designer kitchen.

Buy Wall Mounted Chimney

A fresh breeze for your kitchen.

Cooking produces a lot of heat, smoke and moisture which can damage the kitchen walls and ceiling. Chimneys offer powerful yet silent extraction ensuring fresh air throughout your kitchen. What else? Its highly energy efficient, elegantly crafted to adorn your kitchen and the self clean technology eases the cleaning hassles as well.

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