Auto Clean Filterless Chimney with Inverter Technology, BLDC Motor 90cm 1200 m3/h – Black (6052 BL DC AC)

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The Glen 6052 is a filter less Autocleaning chimney crafted to add a stylish look to your kitchen. It has stainless steel oil collector tray to collect oil & grease particles. The 150W powerful Brush Less DC motor ensures that you get a powerful suction with low noise. The motor generates less heat and comes with 7 year warranty. The touch sensor controls with motion sensor allows operation with simple wave of hand. The strong 1200m3/h suction throws away smoke from pans to outdoor and ensures that the kitchen is odor free and the walls are clean of any grime. The 2 eco friendly power saving LED lights provides ample lighting to the hob area.

About BLDC Motor & Advantages: Brushless DC Motor is made without the brushes with the result it has a longer life, it produces low heat, and it creates lower noise. Thus its very energy efficient as uses only as much power as required to perform the function.

Features of BLDC Motor:

– INVERTER Technology: Adjusts the RPM of the motor as per the requirement of air flow saving the energy.

– Saves Power: Starting at a very low consumption of just 20W at Speed 1 saves power over 50% for the similar suction for AC motor.

– Variable R.P.M.: BLDC motor operates at around 1000 RPM at speed 1 and Can go up to 2500 RPM at Stir Fry based on requirement.

– Low Noise: As the motor works quietly and gives better suction is comparatively is more silent.

-Touch controls with motion sensor, wave and start

– Filterless, so no more cleaning filters

– 9 Speeds Brushless powerful DC motor

– An airflow of 1200 m?/hr keeps the kitchen fresh

– 7 Year warranty on BLDC motor we trust our products, you can tooProduct Details
Size : 90 cm

Dimensions (cm) : 90 x 45 x 64.5

Package Dimension (cm) : 102.5 x 43.5 x 65.5

Motor : 1200 m?/hr Suction

No of Motors – 1

Motor Housing : Metal

Wattage : 150 W

Lighting : LED

No. of LEDs : 2

Power of Lamps – 1.5 W each

Installation Type : Wall Mounting

Heat Element – Yes

Heat Element Wattage – 60 W

Speed : 9 Speed Settings

Colour : Black

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