Bosch Built in Dishwasher SMV46KX01I

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Gentle – even to your ear. Our SilencePlus|ExtraDry: extra-thorough drying option for difficult-to-dry loads|AquaStop: 100% lifetime warranty for water damages guaranteed|Glass 40?C: protective program for gently cleaning and drying glasses|EcoSilence Drive: especially energy-saving and silent in operation with a particularly high life span|Activating the Extra Dry option dries your dishes extra-thoroughly by higher temperatures during the rinse cycle and a longer drying phase – with just one push of a button|It makes sure water leakage doesen’t damage any part of the machine. It detects the leakage and quickly stops the water flow, not allowing your house to get dirty. Also, it comes with a life time warranty which means a hassel-free life|How many times have you unloaded glasses from the dishwasher, only to find them still dirty or wet and in need of further cleaning? The new glass 40? programme gently cleans glasses, even high-quality crystal glasses, while providing optimum drying and achieving a brilliant shine. This is made possible through lower washing temperatures, an adjustment in the rinsing agent temperature and an extended drying period. Give your glasses the care they deserve|It is quite powerful and durable, It ensures low power consumption and high cleaning efficiency. It also works without brushes and ensures top results. Not just that it’s innovative magnet technology works without friction for vertually wear-free operation|Width of the product
598 mm

Height of the product
815 mm

Installation type

Water consumption
9.5 l

Energy efficiency rating

List of programmes
Auto 45-65?C, Economy, Glass, Intensive, Pre-Rinse, Quick L

Additional operational options
Extra dry, HygienePlus, Machine Care, VarioSpeedPlus

Digital countdown indicator

Noise level
46 dB(A) re 1 pW

3rd Rack
3rd Rack 1.1

Interior light

Removable top

Length electrical supply cord
175 cm

Length outlet hose
190 cm

Power consumption in off-mode – NEW (2010/30/EC)
0.10 W

Power consumption in left-on mode – NEW (2010/30/EC)
0.10 W

Duration of the left-on mode – NEW (2012/30/EC)
0 min | Drying progress indicator
End of program audible, InfoLight, Time remaining indic. internal, water inlet

List of programmes
Auto 45-65?C, Economy, Glass, Intensive, Pre-Rinse, Quick L

Name, programme 1

Name, programme 2

Name, programme 3

Name, programme 4

Name, programme 5
Quick L

Name, programme 6

Programme duration, programme1 (min.)

Programme duration, programme2 (min.)

Programme duration, programme3 (min.)

Programme duration, programme4 (min.)

Programme duration, programme5 (min.)

Programme duration, programme6 (min.)

Reference programme

Number of different wash temperatures

Temperature, programme 1 (?C)

Temperature, programme 2 (?C)

Temperature, programme 3 (?C)

Temperature, programme 4 (?C)

Temperature, programme 5 (?C)
65 | Connection rating
2,400 W

Length electrical supply cord
175 cm

Fuse protection
10 A

Length inlet hose
165 cm

Length outlet hose
190 cm

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