Emerson InSinkErator M 66

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The practical choice for food waste disposal
The ideal choice for large households or those who have a large amount of food waste to dispose of, the InSinkErator M Series Model 66 waste disposal unit grinds your food scraps quickly, efficiently and hygienically, reducing the need to fill your kitchen bin.

Practical and affordable, a waste disposal unit can grind all types of food waste, from chicken and fish bones to fruit and vegetable scraps and bread crusts, meaning you can clear up the kitchen after any meal with the minimum of fuss, whether breakfast with the kids, a family Sunday lunch or a celebratory dinner party.

Designed to fit neatly under your kitchen sink, even when space is at a premium, the compact Model 66 features a high torque Dura Drive 0.65hp induction motor and a 980 ml capacity grinding chamber. 20% quieter than standard models, the waste disposal can handle everyday use with ease.

With no sharp knives or blades to worry about, the Model 66 waste disposer is a safe addition to any kitchen. When the unit is not in use, the chrome sink stopper can be placed over the chute opening.

The waste disposal unit grinds food waste down into fine particles before disposing of it down your kitchen drain. As a result, you will need to make fewer trips to empty your kitchen bin, plus you will not need to worry about any unpleasant odours from leftover food lingering in your home.

The easy clean removable baffle and stainless steel grind elements are durable and easy to maintain, whilst the overload protection feature ensures your waste disposal cannot be overfilled.

Simple to use, to operate your Model 66 sink waste disposal just:
Turn on your cold water tap
Press the air switch button
Push any waste food into the sink plug hole
Whilst the Model 66 can handle most food scraps with ease, avoid disposing of stringy, fibrous matter such as banana peel. Never attempt to dispose of glass, cutlery , cartons, sweet wrappers or fat, as this can damage your waste disposal.

The air switch button can be located either on your kitchen worktop close to the sink, or inside your cupboard, for ease of operation. Finished in chrome, it will fit perfectly yet unobtrusively with your kitchen decor.

Whether you are installing your waste disposal unit into your existing kitchen or a new sink space, the Model 66 can be quickly and easily installed in your kitchen, thanks to our Quick Lock assembly. All you need is a power source close to your sink and suitable plumbing.

Buy an M Series Model 66 waste disposal unit with confidence, with our 4 year manufacturer’s guarantee. With no unpleasant smells from waste food emanating your bin, plus less trips to the bin for you, a M Series Model 66 waste disposal unit is a convenient, hygienic and environmentally friendly addition to your kitchen. Features
1 stage stainless steel grinding system
Quiet sound reduction technology
.75 hp
Built-in air switch
One piece stainless steel stopper
Large capacity (980ml) grinding chamber
Removable easy-clean sound baffle
Made in USA
4 year parts and labour warranty
Type of FeedContinuous
On/Off ControlBuilt-In Air Switch
MotorSingle Phase
Time RatingIntermittent
LubricationPermanently Lubricated Upper & Lower Bearings
Shipping Weight (Approx.)8.7 kg
Overall Height318 mm
Grind Technology1-Stage Grind Technology
Grind Chamber Capacity980 ml
Average Water UsageApproximately 4.0 L per Person per Day
Average Electrical Usage3-4 KWH per Annum
Drain Connection1-1/2″ (3.81 cm)
Dishwasher Drain ConnectionYes

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